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Your puppy's first groom

Grooming for a puppy is an absolute must! All puppies need to be groomed professionally. Even if it is a short-haired dog trimming the nails and cleaning ears bathing and de-shedding are necessary. The best time to start is after they have had their second set of puppy shots. This is typically around 12 to 16 weeks of age.

Many people wait until the puppy is over 6 months for their first groom. However, the sooner you familiarize them with being groomed, the happier your puppy will be. We associate the puppy's first grooming experience with that of a child first dentist appointment. If it scares them, they will fear and dread it the rest of their lives. However, if introduced at a young age and introduced CORRECTLY, it can be both a positive and rewarding experience.

Love and patience are the keys to years of successful grooming. The
following are things you should do with your pet if he is 8 weeks old or 8 years old. It's never too late! Our groomers have over 100 years of combined experience!

Play with your pet for a few minutes to help him get rid of some of his excess energy. Select a place for grooming. This should be a table with a rubber type (bath mat) for traction. The reason you should use a specific table (or place) your pet will remember this place and know that it is not play time now but "grooming time". Customers are so amazed when they see their pup on our tables so well behaved! If introduced correctly and consistently, your pet will associate this experience with pleasure and will look forward to this special time between you and him.

At first, puppy grooming is also a behavior lesson. Conduct frequent short sessions with patience, LOTS of verbal praise and treats.

Touch your new puppy's feet and rub your fingers between it's toes a couple times a day. This will make nail clipping easier. I promise, your groomer and your vet and in the long run, your precious pet, will love you for this. It is a natural instinct for dogs to pull their feet back when being touched. This is a great idea to start when very young. Many pets are perfect for grooming and only stress out during the nail trimming process. This can be avoided by your taking the time to help train them to enjoy it.

Show your puppy his brush & comb. Let it sniff and play with it a few seconds. Brush it's coat a few times, then reward your puppy with a small treat and verbal praise. Do the same with the comb. Each day increase the number of brush and comb strokes. After the first week, you should be able to do the brushing AND combing in a short period.

Play with your puppies ears, by touching them on the inside & outside. Afterwards, reward him with lots of praise and a small treat. This is important because so many breeds need the hair be plucked from their ears and this is crucial for preventing ear infections, or chronic ear problems.

By taking the time to make sure your pup has been introduced to the Grooming Shop sounds and experiences you are setting them up for a lifetime of successful grooming sessions!

A puppy's first groom at The Continental may only be trimming the nails, cleaning the ears, a brush out, bath, blow dry and sometimes trimming the eyes and sanitary area if necessary; but this will set your new baby up for a lifetime of successful grooms.