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Your pets grooming needs

Taking care of your fur baby is not only necessary but it can be fun. Your furry little sidekick is not only your best friend but is like your child as well. This means taking care of some of their most basic needs such as bathroom breaks, food and water of course, and bathing them regularly. All of these things can be handled at home, but bathing can get a little difficult not to mention, messy. With that being said, there are many benefits to getting your dog groomed at The Continental.

Pet grooming keeps your dog smelling fresh! Your pet, like many animals needs to be washed. Your pet spends time running around outside, playing in dirt, bushes and whatever else is in your backyard and playtime builds up in the form of dirt and bacteria in their fur. And just like you and I, the longer they go without bathing the worse they smell!
The appearance of their coat will be beautiful. Not only will your pet get a nice bath with great shampoos and conditioners but they’ll leave with a fresh doggy-do. Their coat will be as shiny as it is healthy, making them the best looking and smelling pup on the block.
It helps get rid of mats! If your pet has the type of fur that gets matted together, no matter how much you brush it, then pet grooming is definitely needed. If not treated in a timely manner, those matts in your pet’s fur will begin to tear at their skin and could potentially cause infection. Taking care of your pet’s matted hair is a health issue that should be addressed promptly and frequently.
It helps to reduce shedding! This is huge for those with dogs whose coat is the type to shed when their hair growth becomes excessive. Taking your pet in for a dog wash can keep their coat in good shape, reducing the amount of hair they shed between visits.
It’s convenient: When it’s time to take care of your pet’s hygienic needs it can be hard to handle within the confines of your home. Maybe you don’t have a large enough tub, or a tub at all. If you have a pet that hates their baths, our professional dog groomers are trained to deal with dogs that hate water. So not only do you get the luxury of not having to do it yourself, but you keep your home clean, free of muddy dog prints and dog hair!