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Halloween Costume Contest

Last year's contest was a HUGE success so why not do it again? You know the rules, post your pet's costume photo on our Facebook page and the one with the most votes (likes) wins $200. Second prize pockets $150 and third place gets $50. Voting happens right up to the witching hour so get… Read more.

A moment of your time

Here at The Continental, we"re very proud of the fact we've kept our prices competitive and stable over the past 10 years. However the reality is that in order to continue to deliver the outstanding care and service you"ve come to expect, a small increase to our daycare and boarding services is in… Read more.

Your pets grooming needs

Taking care of your fur baby is not only necessary but it can be fun. Your furry little sidekick is not only your best friend but is like your child as well. This means taking care of some of their most basic needs such as bathroom breaks, food and water of course, and bathing them regularly. All… Read more.

Lone Star Tick in Massachusetts. Please read, important info!

Not only does May bring spring flowers but also it begins tick season.We now have a newcomer on the scene with the Lone Star Tick, creeping up from Texas, is now here in Massachusetts. Please check out this great article from Angell Memorial regarding our winter and tick populaltions. We… Read more.

Your puppy's first groom

Grooming for a puppy is an absolute must! All puppies need to be groomed professionally. Even if it is a short-haired dog trimming the nails and cleaning ears bathing and de-shedding are necessary. The best time to start is after they have had their second set of puppy shots. This is typically… Read more.

Preparing your pup for boarding

As the warm weather creeps up and we are planning our summer vacations its important to make sure you have your pet as ready as can be for their boarding stay. To make your pets stay at the kennel and your drop off smoother, please take some time to read these invaluable tips. While reading… Read more.

Your Pet's Health is Important to Us

We believe that bathing and grooming is essential to an overall healthy pet. To help make your reunion with your special pet the best it can be, let us treat them to a soothing shampoo and pedicure on the day of their boarding departure. We also offer hair cuts for companion pets in many… Read more.

Xylitol and Peanut Butter dangers for dogs

With so many of our dogs loving peanut butter as a treat in a filled Kong toy or to coat a pill to help your dog take medication. It is important to know that some peanut butters are now being sweetened with Xylitol, an artificial sweetner that is very toxic to dogs. Please check out… Read more.

Gift Certificates available

Looking for that perfect gift for the pet lover in your life? We offer beautiful Gift Certificates in $25.00 and $50.00 amounts . Can be used for any of our services or toys and treats in our retail dept. This great gift does not expire!

Summer is here, dangers of dogs in cars.

With the beach weather here and tempatures climbing it is so important to remember never leave your dog in the car on a warm day. Even with the windows cracked,the tempature in a car can rise quickly to unsafe levels. Please check out this website My dog is cool for saftey, prevention… Read more.

Pet Safety tips for the holidays

Please check out this great article from the Aspca regarding keeping your pet safe during the holidays. We here at The Continental are constantly trying to give you the most up to date information for keeping your 4 legged friends as safe and secure all year round. There are many toxins and… Read more.

Medicated and Oatmeal bath for soothing itchy skin.

This is the time of year when your pup may be getting itchy, due to dry skin. We offer both medicated and soothing oatmeal baths to combat these itchy pups. It is not allways fleas when your baby starts to scratch (though if it is we can take care of that too!). Fall allergies to mold in leaves… Read more.

Fireworks and dogs

Please make sure to keep your pets safe and inside on the Fourth Of July! Many pets go missing are traumatized during fireworks celebrations. Here is a link to the ASPCA tips for keeping your dog safe this festive season. Check out this article from the ASPCA. Remember if your dog is… Read more.

Our Halloween costume contest winners!

We would like to congratulate our Halloween contest winners! First place went to The Minions, Roxie,Vivo,Bell. Also for a runner up we have Tessie the peacock! Thank you to everyone who sent us all the adorable pictures and our Facebook followers for participating and voting! Please check out our… Read more.

New Website!

With the change of seasons comes a change here as well at The Continental. We finally have a mobile ready site and we're unveiling a few more changes here for you. We've moved our photo gallery over to Instagram but we will continue to use Facebook and our new Twitter account to show what a… Read more.

Be Social!

Please remember to like our Facebook page and visit us on Twitter and Instagram. We add pictures every week so look out for your pup or kitty. Please comment and share your favorites! Just look in the footer below to visit our social media channels.

Dog Days of Summer

On a serious note, please do not leave your dog(s) in a car on hot/humid days. Even with the windows cracked or open, the temperature inside a parked car can climb dangerously high. Dogs can quickly suffer from heat stroke. Keep your dog in a safe, cool place with access to plenty of fresh water.

Daycare updates

We have expanded our outside play area to 1/4 acre and have added an indoor play area for rainy days. Socialization is the most important aspect of any pet's experience, and with our expanded play area, you can be sure you pups are having the time of their life. We have daycare available by the… Read more.


It's been 40 years, styles may come and go but The Continental remains the place where Boston turns for the very best in dog grooming. Now through the end of March, as we celebrate our 40th year in business, we will pick one dog daily from our grooming appointments and rollback the price to 1978. This means a poodle can expect a cost around $12, a German Shepherd around $25, most prices up to 75% off! Thanks for your loyal support! Mention promo code: 1978

Good through 3/31/2018.