Eat, Play, Love

Toy Story.

The average life span of a squeak toy is said to be 38 minutes. This begs the question, "why ​aren't ​​you out buying new squeak toys?"

At The Continental you'll find Lupine collars and leashes ​that are ​warrantied even if chewed​ and Comfort Soft Harnesses. Zodiac flea and tick products, Sentry brand natural flea and tick remedies​, grooming brushes, combs and deshedders.​ Treats and toys from Red Barn natural bully sticks and dog treats​​,​ ​Kong brand toys, Chuckit! fetch toys​, Egg Babies stuffed toys ​and more!

Our ​carefully curated ​​collection at The Continental ​showcases ​products ​not ​often ​found in ​your ​warehouse pet stores. We'll search far and wide to bring you exclusive, ​often times unique pet products that will show everyone that your dog or cat is "kind of a big deal around here."