Eat, Play, Love

Toy Story.

The average life span of a squeak toy is said to be 38 minutes. This begs the question, "why ​aren't ​​you out buying new squeak toys?"

At The Continental you'll find Lupine collars and leashes ​that are ​warrantied even if chewed​ and Comfort Soft Harnesses. Zodiac flea and tick products, Sentry brand natural flea and tick remedies​, grooming brushes, combs and deshedders.​ Treats and toys from Red Barn natural bully sticks and dog treats​​,​ ​Kong brand toys, Chuckit! fetch toys​, Egg Babies stuffed toys ​and more!

Our ​carefully curated ​​collection at The Continental ​showcases ​products ​not ​often ​found in ​your ​warehouse pet stores. We'll search far and wide to bring you exclusive, ​often times unique pet products that will show everyone that your dog or cat is "kind of a big deal around here."


It's been 40 years, styles may come and go but The Continental remains the place where Boston turns for the very best in dog grooming. Now through the end of March, as we celebrate our 40th year in business, we will pick one dog daily from our grooming appointments and rollback the price to 1978. This means a poodle can expect a cost around $12, a German Shepherd around $25, most prices up to 75% off! Thanks for your loyal support! Mention promo code: 1978

Good through 3/31/2018.