Sleep Soundly

Peace of Mind.

When you are away you want to sleep soundly knowing your pet is doing the same. Many pet owners think that leaving a pet with a friend or family member is a good idea, but these people are not trained as kennel technicians, nor is your pet likely to receive 24 hour care and protection. It is for those reasons that we suggest leaving your pet with your trusted pet care professional.

We have lost count of the number of stories detailing the excitement and anticipation from our four legged clients once they realize they are coming here for a stay. A truly special and unique bond develops between our kennel staff and boarding clients. Many an owner has been surprised to see their pet acknowledge them and return to our staff member all "wags and kisses". After 30 years, the single best way to judge how well we have performed our job is by closely watching a pets reaction. Each pet responds to love, kindness and compassion, it is impossible not to be genuine and a dog always knows.

So relax knowing that our trained kennel staff is on-site seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Your dog is never alone, is under constant supervision and probably gets more rest than our staff does.

Day Care

As much fun as your dog would have watching cable and pounding away the Frosty Paw's while you're at the office, he or she needs exercise and the kind of companionship that only an Irish Setter from Hyde Park can offer.

Our day care offers a truly unique blend of outside play groups, indoor quiet time and a wonderful opportunity to socialize your pet. On many occasions issues such as separation anxiety and overprotectiveness disappear after just a few visits.

Continental's Day Care program is the only one in the area with a full 1/2 acre of wooded, secured play space. There are countless trees to sniff, hills to climb, and toys to wrestle with for hours. We've been helping dogs of all sizes and breeds make "Best Friends Forever" from Newton Center to Jamaica Plain. Now doesn't that sound healthier than having your dog sit at home and surf the net all afternoon?

Kennel Requirements

All dogs must come in for an interview before boarding​. We do not require an interview for cats.​

Dogs must be up to date with all vaccines​: rabies, distemper, parvovirus and kennel cough/bordetella (we require every six months). With cats we require ​up to date ​rabies​, ​distemper and they must be feline-leukemia negative.

Vaccination records must be provided upon drop off or at the initial interview. Your veterinarian can fax your pet's records to us 24 hrs a day to 617-323-0656.

All dogs must be spayed/neutered after six months of age.

Schedule & Times

The day starts at 5am with breakfast. Dogs are given time to digest and then are out from 5:30 - 7am.

Dogs are out in socialized playgroups according to size and are supervised at all times.

Feeding begins at 7pm. Dogs are given time to digest and then are out until 9pm.

Please check the Hours page for check-in/check-out times.

Our schedule is strict since routine helps pets grow accustomed to their stay. Therefore pickup and drop-off times do not vary. For everyone's happiness, please observe.


  • $40 per day for daycare.
  • $55 per dog per 24 hour stay.
  • Medication $5 per day.
  • Solo walks $5 per day (needs to be out alone).
  • Cat boarding $40 per cat per 24 hour stay.

Prepay Specials

  • 10-day daycare package $350. Saves $50 off daily rate.
  • 10-day boarding package $450. Saves $100 off daily rate.
  • Cat 10-day boarding package $300. Saves $100 off daily rate.

We encourage you to bring your dog or cat's own food, house food available at $5 a day.

Boarding charges stop in the morning when your dog or cat gets groomed on departure day.


It's been 40 years, styles may come and go but The Continental remains the place where Boston turns for the very best in dog grooming. Now through the end of March, as we celebrate our 40th year in business, we will pick one dog daily from our grooming appointments and rollback the price to 1978. This means a poodle can expect a cost around $12, a German Shepherd around $25, most prices up to 75% off! Thanks for your loyal support! Mention promo code: 1978

Good through 3/31/2018.