Boston's Best Nail Salon

Looking Good.

Next to the aroma of fresh-baked cookies is there anything better than the smell of a clean Pomeranian? Our loved ones require us to bathe with regularity, shouldn't the family member out digging in your flower bed clean up as often? Our grooming department takes the burden off your back and monogrammed towels and gives your dog the full spa treatment it deserves from bathing, grooming and nail clipping. We use only the best grooming products and shampoos on the market and our groomers will not send your dog home looking like a French Poodle.. unless of course your dog is a French Poodle.

The Continental has long been recognized as Boston's premier grooming salon. Since 1977 we have trimmed, bathed, brushed and de-skunked every make and model. Our talented and dedicated group owns over 100 years of experience, patience and skill. Something fancy, something simple, we can do it all.

A word about grooming prices.

There is no set price for any grooming service. The amount of time required completely groom a dog or cat can be determined by several factors, among, but are not limited to are the overall condition of a dog or cats coat. Is the pet heavy-coated or light-coated? How long has it been since the last grooming? How much brushing was done at home? What type of trim is requested? Does your pets age or general health require that two people are necessary to safely complete our work?

Some pets enjoy the attention while others would prefer to treat their groomers hand as if it were a chew toy. While this may seem as if our pricing is ambiguous, several minutes with your groomer in the morning will usually get you a very close estimate. If you need to know pricing before you book your appointment, a free consultation is a phone call away.

Grooming Rates

Obviously since dog breeds range widely in size, you can't charge the same rates for a Chihuahua cut as you do a Newfoundland. Please call or email The Continental for a grooming quote for your dog.


It's been 40 years, styles may come and go but The Continental remains the place where Boston turns for the very best in dog grooming. Now through the end of March, as we celebrate our 40th year in business, we will pick one dog daily from our grooming appointments and rollback the price to 1978. This means a poodle can expect a cost around $12, a German Shepherd around $25, most prices up to 75% off! Thanks for your loyal support! Mention promo code: 1978

Good through 3/31/2018.