Not Your Average Bed & Breakfast

We love your dog.

When we're not giving up precious bed space to our own dog at home we're here at the shop planting kisses on the foreheads of every size, shape and breed of dog imaginable. Why do we obsess this way? Simple. Because our dogs greet us at the door every time like it's Christmas morning. Because they make us laugh when we need it most. Because they ignore our flaws and don't make fun of our wardrobe. Oh yeah, and because they're so damn cute.

But you know this, you're a dog lover too.

The Continental has spent the last 30 years caring for every dog that walks through our door like it's our very own. Come by our shop and watch our grooming staff at work, these are people that truly love animals and love what they do. The dogs also look like they're having a pretty good time.

Every person that works at The Continental is worthy of your trust. Whether your dog is here for an overnight or extended stay, a full-blow dry or a simple nail clipping, they'll be loved and attended to like they're a member of the family.

Because they are.


It's been 40 years, styles may come and go but The Continental remains the place where Boston turns for the very best in dog grooming. Now through the end of March, as we celebrate our 40th year in business, we will pick one dog daily from our grooming appointments and rollback the price to 1978. This means a poodle can expect a cost around $12, a German Shepherd around $25, most prices up to 75% off! Thanks for your loyal support! Mention promo code: 1978

Good through 3/31/2018.